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The potential messianic marriage of coworking and retail has stirred quite a bit of fervor recently, especially given WeWork's recent move into the space with the debut of its WeMRKT retail concept and also its 2018 New Fashionable Online Elwin Parka Canada Goose Cheap Sale Great Deals 7RE2tN

Unfortunately, regardless of the coworking company in question, this fervor is far more bark than it is bite. And for thosewho have hoped that further developments across the coworking landscape might inoculate the retail industry from the impending self-induced retail zombie apocalypse that is currently underfoot, please listen to the following words carefully:

Calm. Down.

The marriage of coworking and retail, while novel and possibly incremental on the margins, stands no chance of making a material impact on the performance of the retail industry.

There are three structural issues within the concept that limit its long-term growth prospects:

1. The Experiment Has Already Been Run -- Just Look At Airports

A variant of the coworking/retail marriage or experiment has already been run. Just look at airports. Airports, essentially, are "at-work" retail. Day after day business travelers wander through airports on their way to and from their homes or on their way to business engagements. Retailers have been trying to appeal to the psychology of the business worker/traveler for some time now.

The result?

Airport retail is often not captivating, sometimes soulless, frequently difficult for the retailers themselves to manage, and therefore not always advantageous from a return-on-investment standpoint. If retail in airports were working like gangbusters, specialty retailers across the country would be rushing to open up stores in airports, especially given that mall vacancy rates are also at a six-year high . But, no. Instead, consumers are left with what feels like six variants on a newsstand within every airport concourse.

Don't try and quote recent statistics on the success of airport retail either. FRAME Striped ButtonUp Blouse Store For Sale Sale Countdown Package Shopping Online Reliable Cheap Price Sale Wholesale Price JMAU4mY
, there are many factors at play that account for this performance. For example, consumers are captive, now almost forced to bring their own food and drink on planes, and so airport retail has become specific to certain need states. Within a coworking setting, however, the consumer is not faced with these same artificial constraints.

At work, a consumer can quickly whip out his or her Amazon app or go on his or her desktop, in the guise of pretending to work, and order up anything he or she forgot or anything that he or she wants to have waiting for him or her at home. One need look no further than the example of high school kids ordering takeout on DoorDash while school is in session the world is just that available.

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NEW YORK--( BUSINESS WIRE )-- from Argentina is one of the ten global grassroots organizations receiving the 2017 Intercultural Innovation Award bestowed by the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC) and the BMW Group.

The IIA Ceremony, held this year for the first time at UN headquarters in New York, was chaired by Mr. Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser, High Representative for the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations, and Mr. Bill McAndrews, Vice President BMW Group Communications Strategy, Corporate and Market Communications.

“Being able to share our project at the Intercultural Innovation Award Ceremony meant that more people around the world now know about our work,” said Florencia Fisch, Manager for Educational Content and Projects. “Our main event is the largest event on human rights for young people in our country. Every time we guarantee someone’s rights, we are closer to that better society we are all here building.”

Encontrarse en la Diversidad was established in response to the lack of awareness about discrimination in Argentina. The organization works with youth, making visible day-to-day practices that reinforce discrimination and providing tools to recognize and dismantle such practices. By offering dynamic workshops in educational institutions, the project not only promotes, but takes action on diversity and inclusion.

The IIA initiative supports grassroots initiatives that promote intercultural dialogue and understanding, thereby contributing to peace, cultural diversity and more inclusive societies.

In addition to a financial grant, Encontrarse en la Diversidad will receive support from UNAOC and the BMW Group to help their project expand and replicate in other contexts. This model of collaboration between the UN and the private sector creates deeper impact, as both partners provide their respective expertise to ensure the sustainable growth of each project. Assistance is customized based on the specific needs of award recipients.



BMW GroupMilena Pighi, +49-89-382-66563Head of Corporate Social Responsibility [email protected] orUNAOCAlessandro Girola, +1- 929-274-6217Programming Coordinator [email protected]

United Nations Alliance of Civilizations

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James Fallows

I recall the first time I heard someone in New York talk excitedly about plans to “go to Coachella.” I thought.

The Coachella I had known while growing up in the vicinity was a small desert town where irrigation made farming possible, and where the crops ranged from rows of vegetables to groves of citrus and date-palm trees. Under the blasting desert sun, its motto—“The City of Eternal Sunshine”—seemed a literally accurate description, except maybe for the nighttime hours. Every year the next-door town of Indio would hold the National Date Festival, where events included naming a Queen Scheherazade and her court. (That tradition continues: here’s the current queen , Keanna Garcia.) During Cesar Chavez’s heyday as an organizer, his United Farm Workers led a number of strikes and other actions among the mainly Latino work force in the area.

So to me, the name Coachella had always meant “date palms” and “farm-workers’ efforts.” But over the past 20 years, it has come to mean “Music Festival” to much of the world. In fact, the web address takes you directly to festival information, rather than to a municipal site.

This tension—Coachella the real place, where struggles for economic and environmental progress have been waged for decades, versus Coachella the stylish venue toward which festival-goers are flocking right now—is the theme of an intriguing new “story map” produced by the novelist Susan Straight , the photographer Douglas McCulloh , and our friends* at the corporation, of Redlands, California. The map is , and a few details about it are after the jump.

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grew up in Riverside, California, in the same county as Coachella, and still lives there. She has written novels mainly set in inland California— was the first of them I read and admired. She wrote the narrative for this story map, “In the Valley of Coachella ,” to accompany the dramatic pictures by Douglas McCulloh and the sequence of aerial photography and illustrated, interpretive maps. The narrative is organized around intersections of Coachella’s “president” streets, named for presidents from Washington onward.

In the description of the woman in the photo above, Straight writes:

And, another photo, of Jose Arroyo preparing fencing for the music festival:

The whole production is very much worth checking out — above all, if you’re at the festival, have been before, are considering going in the future, or are at this moment getting off a plane at the Palm Springs airport, Coachella-bound. Congrats for this view of Americana to Susan Straight, Douglas McCulloh, Allen Carroll of Esri, and their colleagues and collaborators.

* For the record, about “our friends” at Esri: For many years I’ve known the founders of Esri, Jack and Laura Dangermond, whose historic $165 million gift to preserve a huge stretch of coastal land in California I wrote about several months ago . Allen Carroll and others at Esri also worked with me and my wife, Deb, on maps for early posts in our “American Futures” series in the , which led to our forthcoming book

At Brown Date Garden, palmeros will climb the date palms and put paper bags on the ripening fruit in August. This part of the valley is called One Hundred Palms, and the palmeros will go up one hundred feet of ladder with the paper bags, in one-hundred degree weather. In March, they’ve just finished the harvest, cutting each heavy bunch of dates with a knife fashioned out of steel, lowering each bunch on a hook to a man waiting at the bottom.

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